Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go Daddy Domains

If you are looking for an alternative domain for you website, look into GoDaddy. Go daddy is known by many people because of the secy Super Bowl ads that we see every year. They are a very well known and trusted service. I looked into getting a domain from them for my this blog. The first thing I did when I went to the site was check to see domain availabilities. I typed "Howtoad" into the engine and it listed all the .addresses and their prices, making it easy to find one within my budget. The prices ranged from $1.99-29.99 /year, so their really is a domain for any budget. Th registration process is very quick an easy. They have a variety of upgrades to secure your website including certification, email hosting, web hosting (up to 250GB), advanced privacy settings and much more. They also offer domain package deals. For example you can purchase, and then claim and for just a few dollars more.

Go Daddy is probably the easiest place to register you domain and set up you website, and Danica Patrick makes it so much better. At Go Daddy, you can register a domain for up to 70% less than other registrars AND get hosting, an easy-to-use site-builder, personalized email account, blog/podcast tool, photo album and more - all absolutely FREE. They get you up and running on the Web for just the cost of your domain registration.

I will likely register a domain with Go Daddy sometime this week. I just can't decide whether I want a .info or .net. You guys should really check this place out. Having your own domain for $1.99 is just too good of a deal to turn down.


  1. Yea I was thinking about getting my own Go Daddy domain. I knew they were cheap but I had no idea they were THAT cheap.

  2. Yea my .net only cost like $10 for the year.

  3. I managed a GoDaddy domain for my previous job and I remember being really cheap, and with no problems whatsoever. DNS management is a little weird though.