Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where to Advertise

Someone recently asked me about places they should advertise a Blog or Website. This is all about social networking. Many of you probably have profiles on various forums, those are a good place to start. Link your Blog or Website in your signature, or on your profile itself. If you have mysapce or facebook, post a link in a status update, and also same a link in your "about me" section. If your website pertains to your job, make a whole facebook page about your website, and send all of your friends a notice about it, so they can "like" it. Another good place to start is youtube. I made a youtube account years ago and have maintained a few hundred subscribers. I post links to my blogs and websites on my youtube page and in the description of my videos, suggesting that people come see what I have to say or offer.

A good place to get recognition is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo answers is a place where people ask questions, and random people on the internet who have applied knowledge in that field can answer the questions. There are so many different genres of questions that there is a niche for anyone to have some answers to share. If you post helpful answers, people will will see your answer on top and you get instant recognition. If your blog or website actually has applicable material to any niche on yahoo answers, than perhaps there a questions you could answer by linking them to your site and pointing them to where they can read more.

If you really want to get traffic fast, maybe you should invest into google adwords. Google adwords costs money, but you can chose how much you spend. You can make a small ad, one or two lines, that will show up with the corresponding keywords when entered in the google search engine. You can choose how much you are willing to pay per ad click, how much you are will to pay total per day, and you can even geolocate which regions you want to advertise in. That means if you live in New York, and are advertising a New York business, you can have your account set so that only people in new york will see your ads. This is a great addition to the service so that you don't pay for clicks that won't get you business.

A very simple way to advertise, is just posting fliers. Go to your mall, and post fliers about your blog or website. It probably won't get you a ton of traffic, but it is a very low cost and low maintenance method of getting you name out there.

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