Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yahoo Advertising

I have always been a fan of the google search engine, but Yahoo has quite a few features that most people don't take advantage of. Did you know you can get Yahoo web hosting? Yahoo domains really aren't that much. A domain name at yahoo comes with 24 hour support. Yahoo is the perfect domain for web hosting a page for a small business. Say you have a general store and you want to advertise you new products without posting in a news paper. Just get a Yahoo domain, and then put your web page URL on your customers receipts. Then instead of paying money for an ad, you can just put on your web page "best buy gift card" or whatever.

Yahoo domains have also become popular for rising law firms. Whether you are a lawyer in Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois or California, you need to get your name out there. What better way to do so then with a small yet professional website with a yahoo domain name? Cheap and easy, with a great system.

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